Richmond Double Feature Picture Show

Desperate Housewives Edition

Sat 12/21/2019 • 5pm and 8pm

Does the never-ending cable marathon of A Christmas Story have you ready to shoot someone’s eye out? Let John Waters, the King of Filth, give you some relief from the holiday madness.

In Polyester (filmed in ODORAMA), and A Dirty Shame respectively, Divine and Tracy Ullman play work-a-day housewives who take desperate steps to spice up their dishwater dull lives. Stop and smell the roses* (if you dare!) and learn how to execute the perfect upper decker. Dancing the Hokey Pokey will never be the same.

Looking forward to seeing you here for whichever showings work for you! (Hopefully, that’s both of them.) The hot tub will be available during intermission and after the late show. Feel free to bring food to share (or hoard), your favorite beverage, leafy greens, etc.

* with the ODORAMA Scratch ‘n’ Sniff card

5:00 Feature

8:00 Feature